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A Letter to My Sister About Sisterhood

A Letter to My Sister About Sisterhood

A few years ago, my sister passed away.I don't talk about her a lot nowadays. Some of my friends probably don't even know I have a sister.When you're getting to know a new friend or co-worker, and they ask: "Do you have any sisters or brothers?" I'm never quite sure how to answer. If I tell ... read more

Hermione's Time Turner Necklace

What Happens When You Lose 10 Years of Your Life

Once upon a time, I read more than 100 books every year. I was basically Hermione Granger.I kept a spreadsheet with titles, dates finished, my ratings, and charts. SO MANY CHARTS.But then my world fell apart, and I coped with the stress of divorce by eating baked goods and watching romantic ... read more