About Me

Well, hello! I’m Kelly.

I am a mom and a perfectionist. My top goal in life is to keep the latter in check so I can enjoy the former to the absolute fullest. Because this mommyhood gig? It’s pretty darn fun when you stop trying to be perfect all the time.

What You’ll Find Here

Before my first child Abby was born, I had ideas. She was going to be born at a birthing center instead of a hospital, she wasn’t going to watch TV til the age of 5, and she wasn’t going to reinforce gender stereotypes by wearing pink.

Photo by Rebecca Leathem

Well. She was born by c-section, she watches approximately 3.5 movies each weekend, and her favorite color is pink – preferably in tutu form.

If you’ve ever gone into something – becoming a parent, starting a new job, buying a house – with visions of perfection dancing in your head, this blog is for you. Because it never quite turns out the way you pictured it, does it? And then you’re stuck feeling a bit like a failure on top of everything else.

This blog is about accepting the fact that we can’t make it perfect, but that doesn’t mean we’ll stop trying for the best. It’s about forgiving ourselves for the mistakes we make. But most of all, it’s about celebrating those delicious compromises that crop up at the intersection of perfect and good enough. Because when it comes down to it, I have to admit that pink tutus are pretty damn cute.

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  • http://www.designimprovised.com/ Haeley Giambalvo

    I love your About page and your description of your daughter! I have two of my own and you couldn’t be more right about how things work out just a little different than we ‘plan’ for pre-kids – I guess that’s what makes parenting such an adventure. 😉

    • http://idealistmom.com/ Kelly @ IdealistMom.com

      Haeley, thank you for stopping by! Somehow, I feel like I’m *still* caught off guard by things not going how I planned. But every year that goes by, I learn a little better how to go with the flow. :-)

  • Sarita Rajiv

    Love the thought behind your blog Kelly! Like you I had ideas too. Turns out I was a better mother before I had my kid:-)

    • http://idealistmom.com/ Kelly @ IdealistMom.com

      Sarita, I love it! A better mother before we had kids…ain’t that the truth. :-)

  • http://www.mymundaneandmiraculouslife.com Julie

    Fellow Austinite and KBNer. Just checking out your blog and loving what I’m seeing. Wow do I relate to the reality check that is parenthood. Looking forward to seeing more!

    • http://idealistmom.com/ Kelly @ IdealistMom.com

      Julie, I’m so glad you stopped by! So cool to hear you’re in Austin too. :-)

      I just popped over to your blog to check it out…very nice! I followed you on social media and I’m going to go pin a post or two as well.

  • Nolana

    Just started following your blog and Facebook! Im from Round Rock (yep.. I was the silly that posted on your FB page…). Your blog is awesome!!

    • http://idealistmom.com/ Kelly @ IdealistMom.com

      Thank you so much, Nolana! It’s fun to connect with a local mama. :-) (p.s. Not silly at all…you made me smile!)

  • Aysun

    Tomorrow (well, it actually is today) is my first day at work after my maternity leave. I was dancing with my anxiety

  • Aysun

    Tomorrow (well, it actually is today) is my first day at work after my maternity leave. I was dancing with my anxiety in the bed. Then i googled “firts day at work after maternty leave” and i met you Kelly.. You and your tips made me happy. Thank you *^_^*

  • PatPat

    Well Kelly, I had to hunt around, but I have to respond to the article about the little baby who DID LIVE. They responded to the song heard after birth that had been heard in the womb. That story is real. I heard it on the radio, also, right after it happened. So thanks for sharing the story and thanks for helping little ones know they are important for wanting to share with their unborn sibling. I just think about how special the relationship is between the siblings because the hospital allowed the older sibling to go to the baby and sing to it. Oh, how very special. Even grandmothers love these stories. Kelly, you are special.