The Secret to a Perfect Cup of Coffee

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I’ve never been a coffee drinker. To choke down a cup, I’d need 5 teaspoons of sugar and half a bucket of creamer. Then about halfway through the cup, I could feel the diabetes fairy dancing around my shoulders, ecstatic at claiming another victim. She’s a ruthless little gremlin.

Not wanting to risk it, I’d abandon the rest until the coffee cooled and the sugar congealed into a hard candy shell at the bottom of the cup.

Until I met my fiance.

How to Develop a Bad Habit That Tastes So Good

He has this brilliant trick for adding the perfect amount of sweet and creamy goodness to a cup of coffee. It’s because of this coffee sweetener trick that I developed a one-cup-a-weekday-two-cups-on-the-weekend coffee habit.

And it looks like this:

Best Coffee Sweetener on the PlanetPhoto by Tracy Benjamin.

Yes, chocolate milk.

Here’s the secret: Fill about a quarter of your coffee cup with this chocolatey potion, top it off with coffee, and enjoy your morning dose of heavenly ambrosia.

You’re welcome.

Don’t Feel Bad

This is the absolute best way to doctor up a cup of coffee. I’ve tried honey, agave, every natural sweetener known to mankind – and none of them come close to the delicious combination of chocolate milk and coffee.

Horizon Organic Lowfat Chocolate Milk Plus DHA Omega-3

But take note: all chocolate milks are not equal. You need a low-fat milk, not too thick or rich, to achieve the right balance of chocolate flavor to coffee. What we’ve found that works the best is Horizon Organic Low-Fat Chocolate Milk.

Plus, it has DHA omega-3 fatty acids in it, so you don’t have to feel even a little bit guilty for drinking it. Your brain needs it.

And even though I branded it a bad habit earlier, coffee’s not as bad for you as you might think. As long as you’re not downing a pot of coffee with every meal, you’re probably okay.*

So drink up!

* Unless you’re pregnant, which I happen to be. Then you might want to limit your caffeine intake a smidge. The little leaches suck all the fun out of everything, don’t they?

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Your Turn

How do you like your coffee – in pumpkin-spice latte form? Served by the gallon? With a splash (or ten) of Bailey’s? Share your favorite in a comment below!