The Quintessential Survival Guide for New Moms

When you’re pregnant, you get the nursery ready. You wash piles of itty bitty laundry. You look at the stack of books on your nightstand and smile, thinking of how you’ll catch up on all that reading during your maternity leave.

Then your sweet little bundle of joy is BORN! You’re overjoyed and overwhelmed.

Except when you get home, you realize there’s NO WAY you’re leaving this tiny helpless thing all alone in a room halfway across the house from you every night. So that precious, color-coordinated nursery sits empty.

Then comes a day when you blow through your carefully folded stack of clean onesies in less than 24 hours. You pull a onesie from the dirty laundry hamper and sniff it to see how bad the baby spit-up smell really is. Pretty bad. But you dress your baby in it anyway.

And that stack of books? Dusty.

Here’s Your New Mom Survival Guide

The pregnancy magazines make it look so easy. Finish this checklist, and you’ll be ready for your baby! Sleep when the baby sleeps, and you won’t be tired! Do your Kegels everyday, and your pelvic floor will be magical!


This is a survival guide for the rest of us. Because this mommyhood gig has a way of mucking up plans.

The links in this guide are essential reading for new mommies. Some are from me, some from others. If you know of a blog post that was helpful to you as a new mommy, please let me know!

What Baby Will Need

After Baby’s Born

Before You Leave the House

When Baby Won’t Sleep

If You Work Outside the Home

How to Entertain Baby

For Dads

For Your Friends

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