Here’s a Survival Guide Every Mom Needs

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Before my first daughter Abby was born, I read A TON. Books, magazines, and blogs. Web discussion forums. The breast pump manual.

And I had it all figured out.

My baby girl was going to be born at a birthing center instead of a hospital, she wasn’t going to watch TV til the age of 5, and she wasn’t going to reinforce gender stereotypes by wearing pink.


She was born by c-section, she watches approximately 3.5 movies each weekend, and her favorite color is pink – preferably in tutu form.

While I was busy making plans for a perfect pregnancy and birth, the universe was enjoying a jolly good laugh at my expense.

It’s a Trap!

You’d think I’d have learned my lesson.

But for my second go-round with baby Bailey, I caught myself falling back into the Trap of Perfection.

Again and again, I had to pull myself out of that mindset. And more often than not – I had to get a helping hand from Ty.

This ongoing struggle is why I started this blog.

To acknowledge the hold that perfectionism has over us. To admit we can’t be perfect. To celebrate the good enough.

Looking back on my journey through mommyhood, I’ve had some breakthrough moments on letting go of perfect.

When that happens, I write about it here. But some of those moments are thanks to other mamas on their own journeys who have shared their lessons learned. Their wisdom. Their hilarious missteps.

In honor of our breakthrough moments, I put together The Quintessential Survival Guide for New Moms – with a few tidbits for dads too.

A Must Read for New Parents

This survival guide is different from the pregnancy and parenting magazines. They paint an ideal of perfection that’s nearly impossible to achieve. No, wait. It is impossible.

In this guide, I compiled what I consider to be essential reading for new mothers and fathers. Some posts are from me about lessons I’ve learned, and some are from those other mamas who’ve led me to breakthrough moments.

This guide is like another mama walking up to you, putting her arm around your shoulder, and telling you what motherhood is really like. Minus the false sheen of perfection. Stretch marks, sleepless nights, and all.

Go check it out. Pin it for later. Forward it to a friend who’s pregnant.

And if you’ve had a blog post that stuck with you for days, even weeks, after you read it – please send it to me! This survival guide will grow and evolve over time with feedback from real moms and dads in the trenches.

Or maybe the blog post doesn’t exist yet. Tell me:

  • What secrets would you tell a new parent?
  • What do you wish you had known before you had littles?

That your house would look like a tornado hit it, approximately 96% of the time? That it would suddenly become acceptable for you to skip a shower for a day…or two? That you’d be tired CONSTANTLY, but oddly okay with it?

I’ll go search for a post to add to our survival guide. And if I can’t find one, I’ll research and write one.

Let’s be good enough, together.

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Your Turn

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  • Kristin

    The thing someone shared with me in the week before I had my daughter was that you will drop your child, and it will be ok. I looked at the three women in the room, and they all nodded. Sure enough… when she was a few weeks old, we fell asleep in a chair, and she fell. She was startled but fine. I would have been absolutely panicked without that heads up.

    • Kelly @

      Kristin, oh my gosh. YES. It’s so mortifying to think about before your baby’s born, but so true! Also: your baby may fall off the bed. I thought I was the WORST parent ever that day. But Abby was totally fine.

      Thank you for sharing that!